KYK proceeds to the next stage to serve for higher level of
environmental protection.
KYK's proprietary radiant tube burner provides a maximum heat
efficiency of 83%.

●Radiant tube burner

The burner main body contains a built-in heat exchanger.
Waste heat in the exhaust gas is recovered and reused, by which the total heat
efficiency of this innovative burner reaches a maximum of 83%.
Through the development of competitive
brand that serves for ecology and
low-carbon society, KYK aims to create a new field in the world of industrial furnace.
KYK will continue its efforts to create new products based on a lot of experiences and untiring technical development.

●Outline drawing of KYK's radiant tube burner.

●Comparison of running costs between KYK's radiant tube burner
   furnace and electrically heated furnace.


Furnaces equipped with the energy-saving burner