Heat treatment in a Salt bath Furnace

●1967 Started sale of Salt bath Furnace.
●1970 Manufactured a large Salt bath Furnace
   with capacity of 100 tons.

Despite the decreasing number of Salt bath Furnace
makers, KYK is still providing customers with the
equipment based on the know-how gained since 1967.
Please try KYK's Salt bath Furnaces.

Features of Salt bath Furnace

Heating without contacting air is possible, preventing oxidation and decarburization.
As the workpiece surface is covered with the salt during transfer from the
furnace to the quench oil bath or water bath, oxidized scale and decarburization do not take place.
Easy to uniformly heat the whole workpiece.
Easy to control heating temperature by keeping the bath temperature.
Each portions in complicated shapes can be uniformly heated in a short time.
Easy to support and move the workpiece in the furnace.
Partial heating of workpiece is also possible.
Extended electrode life by using graphite in the place of regular metal
electrode which is subject to corrosion when used in a salt bath for

Main applications

  • Quenching of high-speed tool steels.
  • Quenching of aircraft parts, brazing of aircraft engine parts, heat exchanger parts,
    and aircraft control radar parts.
  • Brazing of aerospace parts, satellite loaded parts, and high frequency electrical

Size and Capacity(Width, Length, Height)

Width Length Height
Graphite electrode 915 1200 1390
915 1200 1390
610 610 1070
400 400 810
Metal electrode 457 457 1500
457 457 3500
343 343 920
230 230 635