Continuous furnace with a built-in DX gas generator
(for reuse of generation exhaust heat).
The Built-In Atmosphere Gas Generator Technology utilizes the exhaust heat of
gas generation to achieve a high level of energy-savings.

The DX gas generator is used for brazing of iron and copper, annealing of low carbon
steels, and magnetic annealing of magnetic steel sheets.
A regular stand-alone gas generator consumes a lot of cooling water to treat the heat produced during gas generation.
KYK's built-in atmosphere generator is provided in the heating zone of the furnace to
utilize the generated heat for preheating of workpieces, by which a large energy-saving
effect of 35-50% and reduction of cooling water consumption up to 50% are available.

KYK proceeds to the next stage towards higher level of environmental protection.

  • KYK started to manufacture and sell a continuous furnace with the built-in atmosphere gas generator in 1978 for the first time in the industry.
  • Awarded an honor of excellent energy-saving continuous furnace by the Japanese association of mechanical industry in 1981.
  • Awarded an honor of developing excellent energy-saving furnace by the Japanese government in 1985.

Since then KYK has delivered a lot of built-in DX gas generator type of continuous
furnaces and established a very high reputation for its excellent energy-saving effects.
Please consider introduction of KYK's unique DX gas generator built-in furnace which is
available with KYK's unrivaled technical know-how.

Energy-saving solutions
High efficiency radiant tube burner
Built-in DX gas generating burner (reuse
   of exhaust heat for preheating)
 ※Patent No. 1418725
Built-in RX gas generator
Fan with catalyst
Reduction of heat loss caused by mesh
Reduction of the parts penetrating the
   furnace body
Use of high performance heat insulation
CGB (recirculation of RX gas)
CGA (reuse of combustion exhaust gas as
   the atmosphere gas)
 ※Patent No. 1337109

Continuous furnace with a built-in DX gas generator